Spring Fling Invitational Columbus 2014

Spring Fling Invitational Columbus 2014



The DVDs of Spring Fling Invitational in Columbus 2014 contain the complete competition of all categories.
Also the Medal Ceremonies and Gala-Show have been filmed and are on the DVDs.
Special Thanks to Alan (RSGmann) who filmed the second competition floor in Gym B!
In Gym A (DVD1, DVD9 - DVD18 with Level 3, 7, 8, 9) the light was okay with a normal beige carpet.
In Gym B (DVD2 - DVD8 with Level 4, 5, 6, RG-Groups) the light was not so good and the carpet was dark grey.

There are 18 DVDs of the whole event:

DVD1: Level 3 Child A,B,C
All Around Level 3 Child-A, Child-B, Child-C
Medal Ceremony Level 3
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 179 Minutes.

DVD2: Level 4 -  Part 1
All Around Level 4 - Startnumbers 401 - 444
(in Gym B)

Runtime: 164 Minutes.

DVD3: Level 4 - Part 2
All Around Level 4 - Startnumbers 445 - 492
Medal Ceremony Level 4
(in Gym B)

Runtime: 165 Minutes.

DVD4: Level 5 Child-B, Child-C-2003
All Around Level 5 Child-B, Child-C-2003
(in Gym B)

Runtime: 175 Minutes.

DVD5: Level 5 Child-C, Junior/Senior
All Around Level 5 Child-C-2004, Junior+Senior
(in Gym B)

Runtime: 190 Minutes.

DVD6: Level 6 Child-B, Child-C-2004
All Around Level 6 Child-B, Child-C-2004
(in Gym B)

Runtime: 175 Minutes.

DVD7: Level 6 Child-C-2003
All Around Child-C-2003
Medal Ceremony Level 6
(in Gym B)

Runtime: 183 Minutes.

DVD8: Level 6 Junior A/B
All Around Level 6 Junior-A, Junior-B
(in Gym B)

Runtime: 188 Minutes.

DVD9: Level 7 Child-C
All Around Level 7 Child-C
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 202 Minutes.

DVD10: Level 7 Junior-B, Junior-A-2002
All Around Level 7 Junior-B, Junior-A-2002
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 195 Minutes.

DVD11: Level 7 Child-B, Junior-A-2001
All Around Level 7 Child-B, Junior-A-2001
Medal Ceremony Level 7
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 175 Minutes.

DVD12: Level 8 Child-C, Junior-B
All Around Level 8 Child-C, Junior-B
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 197 Minutes.

DVD13: Level 8 Junior-A-2002
All Around Level 8 Junior-A-2002
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 171 Minutes.

DVD14: Level 8 Junior-A-2001, Senior
All Around Level 8 Junior-A-2001, Senior
Medal Ceremony Level 8
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 190 Minutes.

DVD15: Level 9 Hope, Junior-2001
All Around Level 9 Hopes, Junior 2001
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 147 Minutes.

DVD16: Level 9 Junior-2000
All Around Level 9 Junior 2000
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 185 Minutes.

DVD17: Level 9 Junior-1999
All Around Level 9 Junior 1999
Medal Ceremony Level 9
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 163 Minutes.

DVD18: Level 9 Senior
All Around Level 9 Seniors
(in Gym A)

Runtime: 193 Minutes.