Nikolaus-Cup Bochum 2009

Nikolaus-Cup Bochum 2009



The DVDs of the Nikolaus-Cup Bochum 2009 contain the whole Competition. Also the Prize-Giving Ceremony and the Gala-Shows have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

The DVDs are Region-Free and in PAL-TV-Format (720x576), which is compatible to most Televisions worldwide.

There are 2 DVDs of the whole event, 4 hours of Video:

DVD1 contains all Mini-Mäuse (2002/2001) and Mini's (2000/1999), the Gala-Shows and Prize-Giving Ceremony.

Runtime: 124 Minutes

DVD2 contains all Girls from "Wettkampfklasse" and "Leistungsklasse", the Celebration "Einweihung der Turn-Talent-Schule" and Prize-Giving-Ceremony.

Runtime: 125 Minutes