FEI European Vaulting Championships Ebreichsdorf 2013



All Photos of Barny Thierolf of FEI European Vaulting Championships in Ebreichsdorf 2013 are availlable in 3 complete packages.

Preview Photos in Barny's Photogallery

-Paket 1: Compulsories

DVD1: 10616 Photos
DVD2: 4090 Photos

Opening Ceremony, Nations Evening
Senior Female +
Male Compulsories
Seniorteams Compulsories
Junior Female + Male Compulsories
Juniorteams Compulsories

-Paket 2: Freestyles

DVD1: 11558 Photos
DVD2: 6049 Photos

Senior Female + Male Freestyle
Junior + Senior Pas de Deux (Rd.1)
Seniorteams Freestyle

Junior Female + Male Freestyle
Juniorteams Freestyle

-Paket 3: Finals

DVD1: 13359 Photos
DVD2: 12717 Photos

Junior Pas de Deux (Rd.2)
Senior Pas de Deux (Rd.2)
Junior Female + Male Finals
nior Female + Male Finals
Juniorteams Freestyle
Seniorteams Freestyle
Medal Ceremonies