Video-DVDs 2010

European Junior-Championships Stadl Paura 2010 - Compulsories

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The DVDs of the FEI European Junior-Championships in Stadl Paura contain the whole competition, all Compulsories and Freestyles of Teams and Individuals, Pas de Deux and the CVI** (Senior Individuals). Also the Opening Ceremony, the Prize Giving Ceremonies are on DVD. The Kiss&Cry Corner is also in the videos of the Finals.
This is Package 1 of 3, containing all Compulsories of Round 1

The DVDs are Region-Free and in PAL-TV-Format 4:3, which is compatible to most Televisions worldwide.

In this package are 2 DVDs:

DVD1: Juniorteams Compulsories, Opening Ceremony

ca. 118 Minutes

DVD2: Individuals Junior + Senior Compulsories

ca. 120 Minutes